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Giant Inflatable Colon Comes to the Western Isles
NHS Western Isles are planning bowel screening promotion throughout...

Walking below minimum recommended levels linked to lower mortality risk
A new study concludes that walking has the potential...

New therapy treats cancers without damaging healthy cells
After years of animal testing, researchers at Penn State...

Breakthrough in bowel cancer treatment

Researchers have completed clinical trials which involved treatment strategies...

How purple potatoes could prevent colon cancer
Increasing the intake of purple potatoes and other colorful...

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EuropaColon aims to unite patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals, politicians, the media and the public in the fight against digestive cancers. The Organisation works with 43 groups in 32 European countries and has been recognised as the voice of colorectal cancer patients in Europe.

We welcome you to join us in our fight against these diseases.

Survey on The Unmet Needs of mCRC Patients

"This invitation will help us support you and other patients more effectively in the future"
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Health Citizens New Website

A dedicated resource for patients, carers and family members to share online.
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EuropaColon's New Political Hub

The latest political news from across Europe
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Facts about Fake Medicine

Buying medicines online is a risky business.
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Short animated video on the importance of Surgical Oncology developed by the European Society of Surgical Oncology (ESSO), the US Society of Surgical Oncology (SSO), and the Brazilian Society of Surgical Oncology (SBCO/BSSO)

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