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EuropaColon Poland is part of the Pan European organisation EuropaColon.  
The organisation has operated in Europe since 2004 and in Poland since 2007.
The mission of EuropaColon Poland is to

• Reduce mortality amongst patients
• Improve their quality of life
• Support in the fight against colorectal cancer 
• Prevention of spread and promote prevention

ECCAM 2013


During the beginning of March EuropaColon Poland participated in the National Colorectal Surgery Symposium. The President of the Association gave a presentation on "emotions during neoplastic disease prevention and health related aspects" and "the element of education for families of patients", which may support the publication of the book "And Sophie has cancer on a leash" in which there were 200 copies given out to the participants of the symposium. The book and the lecture was wonderfully received by the best Polish surgeons.



An event entitled "Changing the statistics using the Prevention" took place all throughout March. Referring to the prevention of cancer in men and women in both Europe and Poland. You could have a free FOB Test - where in the case of positive result, you could have a free consultation with a specialist for guidance towards further treatment.
As a result, 22 out of the 256 who took the test resulted in being positive.

The participants were given a survey to fill in asking why they decided to take part in the test.
Near 50% of the responses were because it was a free test, 30% because it was due to their familys history of cancer and 15% were recomended to do so by friends or family.


A debate was held about tolerance in the Ombudsmans Office at Warsaw. The plan of this was to follow the thoughts and works of Jan Nowak-Jeziorański (1914-2005) who saw the fundamental need to talk about the values and issues important to the Polish.
The debate was attended by Madam President of the Association who gave an interview for the conference on "tolerance to the sick, disabled or with a stoma".
35 books of "And Sophie has cancer on a leash" were distributed for the debate.

A series of debates was held next featuring questions such as "What is tolerance"? "How deep should it be"? "Do people deserve to be tolerant of intolerant treatment"?
The online broadcast of this debate was watched by more than 2,200 internet users


Controversies in Oncology, 15-16 March 2013
The Holiday Inn, within the suburbs of Warsaw held host to the second Conference of the "Controversy in Oncology". Chief scientist Dr. MD Peter Potemski was the lead for the conference. Particular emphasis was put on topics that had the most controversy and an important practical problem. As well as lecturers, renowned experts were invited and shared their knowledge and experience.
The conference was conducted by a formula of combining lectures of the latest research reports and presentations that discuss practical and based on the applicable standards of conduct in everyday clinical practice. The two-day conference was attended by Mrs. Bianca - President of the Association Beata Kotoro, whom of which concerned doctors donated materials and books of the Association to.


Between March 25 and April 21, 2013, 47 pharmacies in the region of Podlasie and Warmia-Mazuria took part in the awareness campaign "March - Month of Awareness of Colorectal Cancer".
In these pharmacies posters were put up featuring the phrase "excuse you" with the task of making the public aware of the risk of colorectal cancer and urged them to take part in tests associated with CRC. (We must remember that CRC is easily to treat and cure when diagnosed early).
The posters were also there to convey the important information related to colorectal cancer, the screening groups at risk, epidemiology etc. In addition to this- pharmacists handed out leaflets, increasing public awareness of the risk of colorectal cancer
The growth rate of mortality from this type of cancer is one of the highest among all cancer diseases in Poland. Although most cases are still at the age of 50, epidemiological studies indicate that younder age groups of people are now being diagnosed with this disease.

Campaign partners for "excuse you" were companies Merck and Coloplast.

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