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EuropaColon Slovenia is a non-profit and independent organisation mainly aimed at assistance to patients and patients with cancer of the colon and rectum. 

We want to combine and connect patients who have both encountered the disease or have successfully completed treatment, their families, doctors, politicians and the media - (In short, all those who wish to join the humanitarian organisation and fight against disease in becoming a wider social problem in Europe and the Slovenian region).

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INFO POINT at Institute of Oncology where patients with Gastrointestinal Cancer can get different information every Monday.

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The First Lady of Slovenia and Jola Gore-Booth Founder/Director EuropaColon

ECCAM 2018

This year EuropaColon Slovenia celebrates ECCAM 2018 and we have been very active!

We have a EuropaColon Slovenia official office

After many years we have a nice place for our EuropaColon office near the hospital where we can realise our new programs.

It is a place for our meetings and talking with our members, giving information about EuropaColon, for patients and their relatives, space for storage of our leaflets, brochures and magazines…

Here we organise psychosocial help to patients with gastrointestinal cancer. The help is free of charge, without referral by a doctor and is provided by a clinical psychologist and two psychotherapists.

Inside Institute of Oncology we got a room for Info point where we are giving information and can talk with our patients in a safe place every Monday.

For ECCAM 2018 we organised the Conference for media where we presented our work and the successes of CRC screening program. The conference was presented  on three TV, radio and many newspapers.

In March we published a new edition of Magazine Koloskop on 32 pages. It includes useful information for patients and relatives, some interviews with our respected doctors and also some personal stories of our patients. The magazine is for free in the hospitals, outpatient clinics, some libraries and at lectures for the general public.

In different places arround Slovenia we organised lectures for the general public where  people can talk with specialists of gastrointestinal cancers.

We organised on March 27th a very successful whole day Symposium for the professional public (for doctors and nurses at primary level and for nursing nurses in the field). There was 13 eminent lecturers and 130 participants.

The symposium Modern treatment of gastrointestinal cancers concluded the successful presentation of ECCAM in Slovenia.

ECCAM 2017

On the 31st of March 2017, together with the Medical University Hospital of Maribor, EuropaColon Slovenia has organized a symposium for clinicians and nurses on the modern treatment of colorectal cancer. There were in total 162 experts from the North-Eastern part of Slovenia at the meeting. At the meeting, the organization has marked their 10th anniversary while the oncology department of Maribor has marked their first anniversary.

In March, EuropaColon Slovenia has also published new issue of their magazine, Koloskop (, as well as organized the lecture for the general public and the annual assembley.

Please view the following documents from EuropaColon Slovenia below:

National Cancer Plan 2010-2015 (Slovene)

National Cancer Care Plan (English)





Registration No: 5314195 Registered Office: 92 Palatine Road, London N16 8ST.