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EuropaColon Slovenia is a non-profit and independent organisation mainly aimed at assistance to patients and patients with cancer of the colon and rectum. 

We want to combine and connect patients who have both encountered the disease or have successfully completed treatment, their families, doctors, politicians and the media - (In short, all those who wish to join the humanitarian organisation and fight against disease in becoming a wider social problem in Europe and the Slovenian region).

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The First Lady of Slovenia and Jola Gore-Booth – Founder/Director EuropaColon

ECCAM 2014

EuropaColon Slovenia organised a very important event during the ECCAM this March.

It was a Symposium for a professional audience that are in contact with CRC patients frequently but do not apply oncological treatments (i.e. GPs, general surgeons, gastroenterologists, nurses, home nurses, pharmacists, etc.). There were 110 attendees. 

 The Symposium took place in the part of Slovenia where response to screening programme is the lowest in the country, where the percentage of CRC patients diagnosed in late stages is the highest, and survival rate and results of treatment are the lowest in the country.

The idea was to give round-up information on CRC to professional audience that is frequently in contact with  CRC patients but do not apply oncological treatment to them. However, it is very important they are aware of basic information on this cancer and its specifics. All the lectures were given by doctors who treat CRC patients, epidemiologists, pyschologist, stoma therapist and a GP. The programme covered:

1.       Screening in Slovenia

2.       Screening in the Goriška region – a story of success

3.       CRC and its epidemiology

4.       Diagnostic approaches

5.       Surgical treatment

6.       Treatment of liver mets

7.       Contemporary systemic treatment

8.       Radiotherapy

9.       The role of the GP

10.   Psychological support

11.   The role of stomatherapist

Here are a few images taken from the Symposium

Please view the following documents from EuropaColon Slovenia below:

National Cancer Plan 2010-2015 (Slovene)

National Cancer Care Plan (English)





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