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The action group "Stop Darmkanker" arose in February 2010 when gastrointestinal specialist Dr. Luc Colemont together with three young students decided to take action against colon cancer.

The first campaign was successfully launched via the social media during the international colon cancer month in March 2010. "Sharing knowledge can save lives" is the motto or baseline of the action group that became a non-profit organization (see infra) in July 2012.

The mission of the non-profit organization "Stop Bowel Cancer" is clear: she wants to convince everyone that by early detection of polyps and colorectal cancer the death rate of colorectal cancer will fall drastically. Via various channels, where the internet and social media play an important role, she organizes campaigns to provide information and education about colon cancer. The knowledge about this cancer is still inadequate for the general public.

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