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Louise Day - Challenges of Screening

EuropaColon Advocacy Masterclass 2018 Full Report

Melissa Konopko (Wellcome Sanger Institute) - Genome Project

Ali Stunt - Pancreatic Cancer: Raising Awareness

Prof. Hanneke van Laarhoven - Understanding the Oesophago/Gastric Journey

Prof. Steffen Thirstrup - Understanding the Issues and Challenges: Biosimilars

Masterclass 2017 full report

Dr. Niek Klazinga's presentation from Launch of ECCAM18 at EU Parliament

Stefan Gijssels presentation from Launch of ECCAM 2018 at EU Parliament

Julia Wilson's presentation from Launch of ECCAM 2018 at EU Parliament

ECICC Presentation from Launch of ECCAM 2018

Ricky Sharma Presentation

X Biotech - Committed to Innovation in Colorectal Cancer

Andy Dyson - Masterclass 2017

Stephane Korsia - Masterclass 2017

Marijan Zovic - Masterclass 2017

Zsuzanna Kapitany - Masterclass 2017

Zorana Maravic - Masterclass 2017

Joseph Gligorov - Masterclass 2017

Masterclass Speakers Biographies

Andrew Spiegal - Masterclass 2017

Katie Gallagher

2nd Advocacy Masterclass Agenda

What next for health?

Parliment Meeting Brussels Final Agenda

Advocacy Masterclass 2015 Report

Parliament Report March 2016

Screening Saves Lives! By Prof. Stephen Halloran

EuropaColon Latvia - Does Talking to the Government Help?

EuropaColon - A Brief Update

Understanding the Needs of Patients - Zorana Stokic

The Power of Forum Theatre - Lets Talk!

Policy, Pancreas and Stomach Cancer - Geoffrey Henning

Lithuania Report 2015

Lithuania 2015 Presentation - Annalisa Trama

Lithuania 2015 Presentation - Jacqueline Hall

Lithuania 2015 Presentation - Giedre Smailyte

Lithuania 2015 Presentation - Luzia Travado

Lithuania 2015 Presentation - Aldona Kerpyte

Lithuania 2015 Presentation - Marleen M. Kaatee

Lithuania 2015 Presentation - Gediminas Zizys

Lithuania 2015 Presentation - Vytautas Basys

Press Release for Affiliates and Associates Meeting November 2015.

Spanish Meeting 2014 - English Agenda

Sept 2014 - Pilar Garrido

Sept 2014- Bergstrom Presentation

Sept 2014- Dr Castells Presentation

Sept 2014 - Emilio Iglesia Castro

Sept 2014- Isabel Oriol

Sept 2014- Isabel Portillo


Sept 2014- Mike HOBDAY

Sept 2014- Prof Martin

Sept 2014- Ricciardiello



July2014- DeborahAlsina



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