Zav-Menia (Menia = Prevention in Hebrew) was established in 2007 and collaborates closely with the association of GI doctors.

The primary goal of the group is to reduce the incidence of Colorectal Cancer by raising awareness and increasing early detection of the disease through the active use of colonoscopy and other tests. To achieve this the group has adopted innovative programs using social media, printed and web based channels and television. The slogan of the group is “Do not let cancer get you from behind!”

CRC screening tests in Israel are all covered by the national health insurance, however the public compliance is still too low. Our main goal is to break the barriers of embarrassment and fear and convince adults above the age of 40-50 years to get screened. We work closely with a PR agency and with an advertisement company to create high profile activities in all media channels, relying on humor, provocation and surprises.

Our minimal budget is based on donations and sponsorship by various companies. We are active mostly with a group of volunteers and subcontractors and without an office or any overhead expenses.

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ECCAM 2017
On the 1st of March, The Ministry of Health of Israel ​has released the annual report on the progress of CRC prevention.
Below ​are the ​g​raphs of the trends in CRC incidence as recorded by the Cancer registry. ​Although the total number of cases are still alarming​,​ the positive trends are rather clear. Our campaign started on 2007, so we can share some of the credit to these achievements. The reduction of ~30% among Jewish women and ​m​en can be translated to >5000 cases that were prevented over the last 7 years. In  parallel, the number of screening colonoscopies has risen more than 200% of that period in addition to FIT testing

​As in the Arab population the trend is not satisfying, we have acknowledged ​that ​there are several cultural barriers that need to be addressed in order to increase their compliance with screening tests and then we hope to further reduce their morbidity and mortality. We have recently embarked on a special project in Arabic focused on the 20% of our population​.

David Ron (brave and compassionate) was interviewed few weeks before his death from ColoRectal Cancer.
"I am dead already... but you can still save your life". He is pleading to all women and men age 50+ to get screened for CRC and save their lives.

Please share this video and help us spread the message across. Click the image to view.

ECCAM 2016

On the last weekend of Feb (just before March) there is a large marathon race in Tel Aviv with 35,000 participants (in various distances).
We managed to get our advertisment placed in their personal kit that they collect a few days before the race. They get some freebies and coupons 
and our page (see below) with the message:
"It's great that you are active and run - still you are at risk from CRC and need to get tested." - and then a usual brief explanation about the disease, the high risk and the means to prevent it.

The sticker on the provaocative pear says "Don't let Cancer get you from behind" 

In parallel we are running an active (paid) campaign on Facebook with specifc targeting to runners, sports fans etc. 


March 2015 - the national month for CRC prevention we released an annual report with the latest statistics on CRC incidence (down 28%) and mortality (down 405 over the last 10 years). These achievements are mostly due to the steady increase in the number of C'Scopy procedures performed - mostly for CRC screening. From 2007 the number of procedures increased from 50,000/ year to more than 230,000 in 2014. Most of these procedures are for screening of healthy adults.

April 2015 - we presented a public display in one of the large boulevards in Tel Aviv. The slogan was rather simple "these are some problems that need to be deeply tested" "if you are 50 and over please get checked to prevent CRC"  there were 3 such 'gates' about 300 m' apart and thousands of pedestrians walked through or by these gates, took photos, giggled a bit and shared them with their friends of Facebook and other digital media.  The leading on-line news channel ran a story with a short video about that production.

August 2015 - special attention was focused on the stoma patients. With a collaboration of a local rep of stoma products we arranged for a seminar to 90 stoma nurses who are in daily contact with those patients and their families. The key target is to get their immediate relatives who, are at higher risk, to get checked by C'Scopy.  A special movie was prepared including a candid interview with stoma patient who admitted that his diseases could have been prevented.

December 2015 - 5th annual UNDY race in Tel Aviv main park. On the 25th of December, Zav Menia held successful annual event to raise awareness on CRC prevention. The underwear race in the large park in Tel Aviv under the name 'Get your rear in gear'. Under the clear blue skies and sunny, chilly morning, more than thousand participants ran 2, 5, 10 km, all in a festival atmosphere. The real achievements of this activity are numerous interviews in local TV & radio stations and coverage by printed and electronic media. The media like to cover the race with a touch of humor and provocation. 

It is Zav Menia's 5th year and the trend to get screened is gradually increasing.

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