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ECCAM 2017 launched in the European Parliament

Published on 02 March 2017 back to previous

ECCAM 2017was launched in the European Parliament on 1st March hosted by Dr Alfred Sant MEP with presentations from senior clinicians from across Europe. The audience comprised MEPs, health care professionals, patient advocates and pharmaceutical companies.

The presentations from Professors Van Cutsem, Halloran, Gonzalez Moreno and Naredi stressed the need for early diagnosis and collaborative working through Multi-Disciplinary Teams. Underlying the whole meeting was the need for political will to overcome differences between countries and indeed within countries so that all patients diagnosed with colorectal cancer can receive best treatment and care. Critically, access to Formal Population Screening is imperative as early diagnosis of colorectal cancer can save thousands of lives and has proven to be cost effective. Hon. Christopher Fearne MP – Minister of Health Malta – recently stated that “spending on disease prevention accounts for less than 5% of total health spending” !

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