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It is free and it saves lives - so why don't we use it? Petra's Story

Published on 07 March 2017 back to previous


And they should, because the variety of cultures and habits is a privilege to experience within Europe.

But when it comes to health care should we not all be treated the same way? Is the pain of a Romanian not the same pain a German feels? Who decides if a Dutchman with colorectal cancer may survive longer than a Greek with the same stage and disease?

Doubtlessly the costs are the only argument when it comes to those questions.

It’s time to understand that at least regarding colorectal cancer this is not necessary! The answer is clear and simple and much cheaper than any of the treatments: PREVENTION.

Invest and spread information and invitations to preventive medical checkups. Communication tools area almost free today – so why don’t we use them to their maximum capacity?

When we exchange our international educational advertising skills we can identify the best ways to find the key and reach people before they become an expensive patient. And copying ideas that have already proven to be successful - again does not cost anything!



Petra's story available to download in PDF format here.


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