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Screening helped me detect cancer at an early stage - Anthony's Story

Published on 09 March 2017 back to previous

TWO YEARS AGO I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer which was detected in its early stages and I was operated upon successfully. I am now free of the cancer. For this, I have to thank the National Health Screening Programme in Malta because together with a friend of mine who urged me to do this test, I went ahead with the screening, and thanks heaven I did. They were the messengers and I got the message the moment the screening test was explained to me.

The screening results led to a colonoscopy which indicated that I had cancer in my colon. My general disposition before the operation was positive and this a itude helped me to face the operation with courage. The operation was successful mainly because the cancer was detected in its early stages. At this point, I must be grateful that I live in the Island of Malta were screening of this type exists.

I can now understand the importance of these screening tests which must be introduced in all European countries. I must stress the great bene t of having a screening program in every country that is up and running because colorectal cancer is largely preventable and treatable. That’s why we are here, to share the message that screening saves live.

When I was t enough, I launched the Malta Colorectal Cancer Awareness Group. I am also an active commi ee memberoin the Expert Patient Advisory Group (EPAG) within EuropaColon with a strategy objective to promote greater patient involvement in their health and improving the standards of care across Europe. Together – patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals, politicians, the media and the public we could make the changes.

Anthony Rossi - Malta



Anthony's story available to download here.
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