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"Patient associations should help governments improve treatment and care" Carlo's story

Published on 30 March 2017 back to previous

WE HAVE A VERY EFFECTIVE public health service in Spain that provides our colorectal cancer patients with almost all the treatments they need to get be er or to receive palliative care in advanced disease. All cancer patients receive, without having to pay surgery and pharmacological treatments although since the start of the economic crisis there are some differences among the thirteen Spanish regions which have health competences.

On one hand, in the 2016 SEOM (Spanish Oncology Medical Organization) report they expressed that they were generally satisfied with how the health system was running but they asked for a general cancer registry where all data would be joined together showing the number of cancer patients and the stage of their disease. This would allow them to analyse the data and thus to improve cancer treatments. On the other hand, EuropaColon Spain thinks that care could be improved especially in psychotherapy treatments in hospitals and health centres.

We are affiliated to EuropaColon because we believe that patient associations help governments to improve prevention, treatment and care of CRC patients all over Europe.



Carlo's story available to download here.
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