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Confused about alcohol? What 'moderate' drinking really means

Published on 10 August 2017 back to previous

It seems barely a day goes by without conflicting reports telling us that drinking is bad for us – or no, actually some drinking is OK.

The latest highly confusing story comes from Denmark – where researchers found that people who drank low to moderate amounts of alcohol three to four times a week, were actually less likely to develop diabetes than teetotallers.

So should we all pop the cork on a bottle of champers to celebrate the news? Not so fast, say the experts at Diabetes UK.

Dr Emily Burns, the charity’s head of research communications, says it’s more complicated than the study appears: “Type 2 diabetes risk is complex. Several factors contribute to it, including family history, ethnic background, age and being overweight.

“While these findings are interesting, we wouldn’t recommend people see them as a green light to drink in excess of the existing NHS guidelines. Especially as the impact of regular alcohol consumption on the risk of Type 2 will be different from one person to the next.”

She adds: “Type 2 diabetes is a serious condition, and around three in five cases can be prevented or delayed by eating healthily, moving more and losing weight if you’re overweight. If you’re worried about your risk of developing the condition, we’d advise you to speak to a healthcare professional.”

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