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5 Things you need to know...

Published on 24 October 2017 back to previous


September was a landmark month for all of us at EuropaColon. Read on to find out why…

5 Things You Need to Know - September

With our network and scope of activities continuing to expand we are delighted to introduce a new series of monthly digests to keep you up to date with all our latest news.

And what a month to start with!! From ESMO to ECCO, from Berlin to Brussels, September was a month full of productive meetings and exciting developments.

Firstly, we are delighted to announce that we are expanding into digestive cancers starting with pancreatic, oesophageal and gastric cancer. The project will be led by Geoffrey Henning who is currently our Policy Director and a Board Member of EuropaColon .This is a major milestone for our organisation and gives us a fantastic opportunity to put the spotlight on these cancers which are often under represented at all levels. Look out for more news on this soon.

The big congress in September was of course ESMO, this year held in Madrid and attended by an astonishing 23,000 people. For us the congress was a great success – a chance to meet with other patient organisations and healthcare professionals. Throughout many of the conversations we had there was a common thread – a real desire to do more for patients and to push it to the next level. For us it felt like a defining moment. We have built an incredible platform with the help of 43 groups in 32 countries – now is the moment to start generating the political will to invest better in colorectal and digestive cancers, to ensure all patients across Europe have access to at least the minimum recommended standards.

Other key highlights from the month include:Look out for the October 5 Things You Need to Know


  • Attending the European Society of Coloproctology (ESCP) Annual Conference which this year took place in Berlin. We had a very interesting exchange of views and ideas with the Research Committee Chair Professor Dion Morton and others and are excited about the prospect of working more closely with the ESCP and surgeons in general. We look forward to more fruitful conversations soon.
  • Attending and speaking at a meeting in Rome with Colomed, an organisation aimed at creating a network of clinical and research centres to integrate practices in Mediterranean countries. Our thanks to the Colomed team and Ann Zeuner for their hospitality and very interesting meeting - “Strengthening the Mediterranean Partnership in the Field of Public Health”
  • A meeting in Brussels where we started the process of re-registering EuropaColon in Belgium and where we began discussions on our new 10 year business plan. EuropaColon will be 15 years old in 2019 when we plan to launch our new strategy!
  • Two very productive meetings with ECCO (European CanCer Organisation). The first was a Patient Advisory Committee to assist with planning the next ECCO Summit/Conference in September 2018. The second was to contribute to the working party of Oesophageal / Gastric Cancer Essential Requirements of Cancer Care. While this is a new disease area for us we are working closely with the few patient groups in Europe to represent the views of patients on this committee. Publication is expected in early 2018. EuropaColon was represented on the first round of the Essential Requirements that included colorectal cancer, published in 2017.

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