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Meet Colossus...

Published on 20 February 2018 back to previous

Colorectal cancer is the third most prevalent cancer in Europe. Of total CRC cases, approximately 50-55% involve mutations in a gene called RAS. Current treatments for  RAS mutant metastatic CRC include fluorouracil based chemotherapy +/- bevacizumab. However, limitations exist for patients with this type of CRC in that in time they largely become resistant to  standard treatments


COLOSSUS is an EC-funded H2020 project that aims to provide new, more effective ways to classify patients with RAS mutant metastatic CRC,  and to develop new targeted treatment options. 

COLOSSUS will employ multi-omic computational modelling approaches to study and group RAS  mutant CRC into novel subtypes and will thus seek to develop new personalised treatments for these patients

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