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#Time4Change: Bulgaria

Published on 02 March 2018 back to previous

The last three decades have seen a sharp rise in the number of deaths from colorectal cancer in Bulgaria, with the annual mortality rate increasing by a staggering 61.8% since 1990.1 It is the third most commonly diagnosed cancer and the second leading cause of cancer death in the country.2

There is no population-based screening programme for colorectal cancer in Bulgaria. Partly as a result of this, when patients are diagnosed, it is often too late – 40% of colorectal cancer diagnoses in Bulgaria are made at an advanced stage,2 making the chance of successful treatment significantly lower.

The need for a National Cancer Plan 

“In Bulgaria, the biggest problem remains the lack of a National Cancer Plan,” said Evgeniya Adarska, President of the Association of Cancer Patients and Friends (APOZ), established in 2004 to support cancer patients and their families.

A National Cancer Plan is a public health programme designed to reduce the number of cancer cases and deaths through better prevention, early detection, diagnosis and treatment.

“To try to establish a National Cancer Plan, I have initiated a meeting with the Prime Minister to find a robust development strategy,” said Adarska. “The current lack of a strategy often leads to very challenging situations. For example, the government recently intended to put a moratorium on all new molecules for cancer treatment, triggering an acute response from us. Luckily, the moratorium is not going to happen, but it is just another example of why a national plan is so important.”

It really is Time4Change in Bulgaria, and the hope is that all stakeholders can come together to produce a comprehensive plan.

“I will not give up until it has achieved a momentum, and I hope a complete success,” said Adarska.





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