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Savor Health Supports March Colorectal Cancer Awareness

Published on 03 March 2018 back to previous

March is colorectal cancer awareness month. Every year in the United States, roughly 132,682 people are newly diagnosed with colorectal cancer, and this year, 50,630 people are expected to die from it.  Colorectal cancer is the #4 most common cancer in the U.S.

Nutrition plays an important role in the prevention, treatment and management of colorectal cancer. There are a number of nutrition and lifestyle actions that one can take in order to prevent and manage it.  Research shows that consistently incorporating healthy behaviors into your life, such as adhering to healthy nutritional practices based on the principles of the Mediterranean Diet, can significantly help to prevent colorectal cancer. This month, try to include more healthy fats from fish like salmon, tuna, mackerel, flax seed, olive and canola oils, and healthy fibers from fruits, vegetables and whole grains. The Science Nook for March, written by one of our resident nutrition experts, presents recent evidence on the positive effects that the Mediterranean Diet has on colorectal cancer.

Surgery and chemotherapy are common treatments of colorectal cancer, and both have significant nutritional implications. Surgery demands food rich in protein and calories to facilitate good recovery. Chemotherapy may cause side effects which vary depending on the dose, frequency and duration of infusions. Modifications to mealtime such as temperature, texture, food type, and meal frequency, among others, can help you to optimize your nutrition. To assist you during and after treatment, oncology credentialed registered dietitians are experienced professionals, trained to work with you to strengthen and prepare you for treatment, and than facilitate your recovery.

The social worker also plays a vital role during cancer care. Dr. Kathi Morse, an experienced social worker, offers coping strategies for a topic not often addressed: depression and cancer. This article is the first in our Wellness Series, where our experts provide information and guidance on unique topics such as mental health, wellbeing, relaxation, and sleep.

March is a wonderful time to make health and wellness goals a reality! Start where you currently are, make small changes each day, and use your support system to help you stay on track. And remember, Savor Health is here to be your oncology nutrition partner.

In Good Health,
Susan Bratton, CEO

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