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#Time4Change: Romania

Published on 23 March 2018 back to previous

On the face of it, the colorectal cancer numbers in Romania are alarming. The number of people in Romania diagnosed with colon cancer has tripled since 1990, and it is the second most common form of cancer in men in the country. Mortality from colorectal cancer has also increased sharply since 2000, by more than 30%.1

The high mortality rate reflects the rate of late-stage diagnoses. In a recent assessment, over 90% of people aged 50-74 have never been screened for colorectal cancer.2

This is despite efforts in the country to strengthen the national cancer plan and the governmental approval of a national colon cancer screening programme. Shortage of funding to support the programme remains the biggest obstacle.

Time for fundamental change

There is a lot of work to do in Romania but it is #Time4Change. Romanian patient associations, in partnership with relevant private and public stakeholders, will commence a screening pilot this year that will directly target 1,500 people at risk of colon cancer. If this is a proven success, this could help to kick-start the implementation of wider screening throughout the country. 


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